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> Mike wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I'm trying to put together a server with RAID5 and 200GB of disk.
> Does
> > anyone know if V240 can do RAID5? Are there any other (not very
> > expensive) models that can do it? Is it better to get something
> older +
> > RAID adapter?
> > Thanks for any suggestions.
> > 
> > Mike
> > 
> Would the server have to be SPARC based?


> Whatever solution you opt for you'll need at least 3 drives for
> RAID5.  A system with 4 x 73Gb drives would
> *theoretically* give you approx 219Gb in a RAID5 config
> A single CPU V240 with 4 x 73Gb disks will cost approx 2,380 GBP,
> whereas a single CPU X4200 with 4 x 73Gb disks will cost approx 2,560
> GBP (these are list prices from uk.sun.com).
> 146Gb disks are available for both, though obviously the cost will be
> greater.
> Either way, you're looking at using SVM for the RAID5 config as I
> don't think either system does hardware RAID5.

Yeah, I like X4200s however sparc is required for this one.

> If you're simply wanting to get experience of RAID5 and aren't *too*
> bothered about performance there are probably some
> older systems available on the internet, though depending on the age
> of the system you may be looking at 36Gb disks so
> you'd want 7 or 8 of those in a desktop multipack or similar.

Performance is not critically important, mostly I need to have a couple
of hundred GB available. So older systems are OK, with either built-in
or extra PCI RAID host adapter.

Mostly, it should be no more than few thousand $$, sparc, and without
external storage. Older hardware is fine.

> Hope that doesn't muddy the waters too much!

Not at all, thanks.

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