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Mike wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to put together a server with RAID5 and 200GB of disk. Does
> anyone know if V240 can do RAID5? Are there any other (not very
> expensive) models that can do it? Is it better to get something older +
> RAID adapter?
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Mike
Would the server have to be SPARC based?

Whatever solution you opt for you'll need at least 3 drives for RAID5.  A system with 4 x 73Gb drives would
*theoretically* give you approx 219Gb in a RAID5 config

A single CPU V240 with 4 x 73Gb disks will cost approx 2,380 GBP,
whereas a single CPU X4200 with 4 x 73Gb disks will cost approx 2,560 GBP (these are list prices from uk.sun.com).

146Gb disks are available for both, though obviously the cost will be greater.

Either way, you're looking at using SVM for the RAID5 config as I don't think either system does hardware RAID5.

If you're simply wanting to get experience of RAID5 and aren't *too* bothered about performance there are probably some
older systems available on the internet, though depending on the age of the system you may be looking at 36Gb disks so
you'd want 7 or 8 of those in a desktop multipack or similar.

Hope that doesn't muddy the waters too much!


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