[SunHELP] AOL Instant Messaging (AIM)

Francois Dion francois.dion at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 13:20:20 CDT 2006

On 8/22/06, Rodney Sparapani <rsparapa at mcw.edu> wrote:
> Francois Dion wrote:
> > I know you moved stuff around and built gaim yourself. Not sure if you
> > did anything with crle, that sounds like that might be your problem.
> > You might be setting ld_library_path with your openoffice install (you
> > built that yourself?).
> >
> > But, why bother? JDS comes with solaris nowadays and has gaim. Even if
> > you are running sol 8, you can simply get gaim on www.blastwave.org.
> >
> > Francois
> Well, JDS might be in our future, but I thought that was only available
> with Solaris 10 for free.

Isn't JDS available standalone from Sun? It sure was for the Sun
W2100z... That was a long time ago, before sol 10 was out. I was able
to install that standalone on solaris express (the 10bsomething - that
was 2 years ago around august or september 2004). I cant find the link
right now, but it was a possibility. I think the minimum was Solaris 9
9/04 or the july or so release of solaris express 10, from my
experience and if i remember right.

> Rather, we are running Solaris 9 and
> migrating to GNOME for it's desktop and applications like gaim.  But,
> let me get this straight.  From blastwave, you don't just grab gaim.
> You have to get all of the dependencies as well, right?

That is correct.

> recollection, that would be the 9 packages that I mentioned earlier (not
> including GNOME or gaim).  But, blastwave lists 24!  However, some of
> these may be already installed as part of the Companion CD.  Of course,
> if this is all automated, like apt-get, then who cares.  However, that's
> not my understanding of blastwave.  Please let me know if I'm wrong.

pkg-get -i gaim is all you need to do. It will automatically figure
the dependencies.

Note that this all installed in /opt/csw/bin... and will not interfere
with your currently installed stuff. You will need to add this to your
path. You will also need to set pkg-get to be in auto mode, else it
will ask you before installing every single package.

Just follow the howto as to set up pkg-get:


personally, my quick way is:

wget http://blastwave.org/pkg_get.pkg
pkgadd -d pkg_get.pkg
add /opt/csw/bin to your path
cp -p /var/pkg-get/admin-fullauto /var/pkg-get/admin

You are now set. just pkg-get -i gaim and go and get some coffee.


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