[SunHELP] AOL Instant Messaging (AIM)

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Tue Aug 22 12:43:12 CDT 2006

Francois Dion wrote:
> I know you moved stuff around and built gaim yourself. Not sure if you
> did anything with crle, that sounds like that might be your problem.
> You might be setting ld_library_path with your openoffice install (you
> built that yourself?).
> But, why bother? JDS comes with solaris nowadays and has gaim. Even if
> you are running sol 8, you can simply get gaim on www.blastwave.org.
> Francois

Well, JDS might be in our future, but I thought that was only available 
with Solaris 10 for free.  Rather, we are running Solaris 9 and 
migrating to GNOME for it's desktop and applications like gaim.  But, 
let me get this straight.  From blastwave, you don't just grab gaim. 
You have to get all of the dependencies as well, right?  By my 
recollection, that would be the 9 packages that I mentioned earlier (not 
including GNOME or gaim).  But, blastwave lists 24!  However, some of 
these may be already installed as part of the Companion CD.  Of course, 
if this is all automated, like apt-get, then who cares.  However, that's 
not my understanding of blastwave.  Please let me know if I'm wrong.



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