[SunHELP] monitor powersave solaris 10

Martin Marshall martinm at allwest.net
Mon Aug 14 14:04:49 CDT 2006


Do your problems involve PGX framebuffers and the machine blanking the 
video, then refusing to wake up?  There is a patch for Sol 10 and PGX 
framebuffers that resolves this problem.  I don't have the number handy, but 
I found it a while back when I put Sol 10 on a Cycle Quad.

Martin Marshall

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> Does anyone have a silver bullet for solving powersave problems in solaris
> 10?  We have sun sparc workstations.  We had absolutely no problems with
> solaris 8.  But, in solaris 10, it seems that not much works for us. :-(
> We opened a call with sun a while back for our blade 1500's w/ xvr-600's,
> and dell monitors.  We did finally get them working, but Sun was shutting
> the door on us -- wouldn't fix problems with non-sun monitors. :-(
> We have other suns, include ultra 10's (and sun monitors) that still
> aren't working.  They're not on support, but patched fully.
> Anyway, if anyone has a silver bullet, we'd sure appreciate it.
> thank you
> Tom Lieuallen
> Oregon State University
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