[SunHELP] SS10 PROM Upgrade

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Fri Apr 28 08:41:19 CDT 2006

" From: Mark Benson <markbenson at mac.com>
" I need some help. I have a SPARCstation 10 with a 2.14 PROM in. I  
" just got a stack of RAM and a pair of SM81 CPU modules for it. RAM  
" works fine but the SM81s are not supported until PROM version 2.22.1  
" (thanks to the MBus Rough Guide for that, I was beginning to worry).  
" Does anyone have the facility to supply a 2.22.1 or 2.25 (NOT 2.25R)  
" PROM chip? I believe there is no way of flashing the ROM in these  
" machines from the OpenBoot - am I correct?

yes, they are not flashable, though you can sub ordinary eproms.
craig dewick in australia has a site with a 2.25 prom image you can
d/l.  i -think- it's http://lios.apana.org.au/~cdewick/data/ but it's
been a while...
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