[SunHELP] NIS query

Amit GUPTA amit-cmg.gupta at st.com
Mon Apr 24 23:29:33 CDT 2006

Hello Gurus,

Greetings !!

My question is :

 In my environment, i have 700 sun blade 150/100, all are binded to NIS. 
One of my user wants to have the root access of the machine but also 
want the machine to be on the network. My all the clients machines are 
binded to the NIS slave servers and in my NIS master server i have also 
configure the securenets which has the entry of only NIS slave servers. 
Is there any way out, if i can make sure that client machine will be on 
the n/w but not binded to any of the NIS servers.

thanks in advance for your response.


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