[SunHELP] RSM 214 sparc storage array on sparcstation 4/5

Brigance, Leslie V, WCS lbrigance at att.com
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I have not been following this thread closely, but if the drives in the
214 are 9GB drives
they are relatively quick and if you move to Sol 9 you can use the newer
version of
Solstice Disk Suite (referred to now, I think, as Solaris Volume
Manager) and do some
nice stuff for reliability and expansion capability for your file
The differential adapter (being Sbus for the 4 & 5 machines) is VERY
inexpensive) - you might
pick one up for $5 to $20 or so on eBay.
Since it is differential you can get a 12 or 15 foot cable and locate
the array a fair distance
from your workstation without even noticing any performance degradation.
I am using 2 of these in this config on an SS20 and I have 20' cables.
These arrays are pretty noisy and I actually have the cables going thru
the floor and to the
arrays which are mounted on a shelf in the basement below my home
computer room.
Works out very nicely - only REAL problem I have with these arrays is
that you cannot daisy chain
and the cases which hold the individual drives are SO hard to get open
with breaking them.
Mine have worked out Very well for me !!  Especially with Oracle
#(@_#*&A&*D !

In all fairness it is an inexpensive way to have your own array(s) and
do slicing, mirroring, etc.

Good Luck with yours,

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David --
    Thanks for your reply.  I'm feeling quite ignorant now -- I didn't
realize the RSM differential HVD wouldn't direct connect to the SE
out the back of the sparcstation.  Do you think it would be worth it to
an adapter, or should I just forget it and use the drives individually?
don't know anything about their reliability or cost, although I wouldn't

want to spend much more than $40 or so.  Thanks for the advice.

David Fischer wrote:
>Phil Stracchino wrote:
>>Since you're connecting to a machine that already has a drive at ID3,
>>have you tried setting the ID3 jumper?  It's the first thing I'd try
>>given this situation.

>Sorry, I should have mentioned I did try that.  I also tried removing
>drive at ID3, but I still got the symptoms described in my previous

You're trying to use the scsi controller on the motherboard? You need
a differential (HVD) controller. They're not compatible.

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