[SunHELP] RSM 214 sparc storage array on sparcstation 4/5

Dave Fischer dave at cca.org
Sat Apr 8 17:44:52 CDT 2006

cox_douglas at hotmail.com writes:

>Sun Experts --
>     I have recently acquired a sun rsm 214 storage array with a unisys uw 
>to differential controller card (I think) and 7 9.1GB compaq drives.  It 
>powers on properly, and the drives appear to be functional (I have tested a 
>few by plugging them into the internal sca connector in the sparcstation), 
>however when I plug the external cable connected to the sparcstation HD 50 
>pin external connector into the rsm 214's HD 68 pin connector my internal 
>hard drive is no longer accessible.  This is the case whether the rsm 214 is 
>powered or not.  Further, I cannot access any of the drives within the rsm 
>214.  For example, with the cable disconnected from the rsm 214 I get the 

The port on the back of an RSM array is differential, even though it
isn't labelled as such.

I thought a 214 SSA was a box that did FC->SCSI, and then a bunch
of SCSI RSM arrays hanging off of that? You're just talking about
one of the RSM SCSI arrays though, right?

I have two RSM arrays. They're nice, but the chassis is pretty
cheap. They're rebadged Unisys hardware.

If you have the optional environmental card, you can get temp
reports, and control the red LEDs above each disk through software.

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