[SunHELP] RSM 214 sparc storage array on sparcstation 4/5

Douglas Cox cox_douglas at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 8 16:14:59 CDT 2006

Sun Experts --
     I have recently acquired a sun rsm 214 storage array with a unisys uw 
to differential controller card (I think) and 7 9.1GB compaq drives.  It 
powers on properly, and the drives appear to be functional (I have tested a 
few by plugging them into the internal sca connector in the sparcstation), 
however when I plug the external cable connected to the sparcstation HD 50 
pin external connector into the rsm 214's HD 68 pin connector my internal 
hard drive is no longer accessible.  This is the case whether the rsm 214 is 
powered or not.  Further, I cannot access any of the drives within the rsm 
214.  For example, with the cable disconnected from the rsm 214 I get the 

ok probe-scsi-all
/iommu at 0,10000000/sbus at 0,10001000/espdma at 4,8400000/esp at 4,88000
Target 3
0933 00011673H7732

However, with the cable connected I get only the following:

ok probe-scsi-all
/iommu at 0,10000000/sbus at 0,10001000/espdma at 4,8400000/esp at 4,88000

     The unisys card within the rsm 214, which I understand to be an 
ultrawide to differential card, has the 68 pin connector on the back and 
slides out when two thumbscrews are loosened.  The card has one configurable 
jumper labeled JP1.  I'll use colons to represent the pins; stenciled on the 
card is the following key --

DLY :  // -ON : // - ID3 : // : // :

Right now the DLY pin is bridged by a jumper, the remaining pins are 
unbridged.  From my internet research I understand that the scsi ids within 
the rsm are geographical, and will be 0-6 unless the ID3 jumper is set, in 
which case ids 7-15 will be available.  The drives are jumpered as follows 
(1 represents a bridge across the pins):

drive 0 (far left drive): 0100 (ID4?)
drive 1: 1100 (ID12?)
drive 2: 0010 (ID2?)
drive 3: 1010 (ID10?)
drive 4: 0110 (ID6?)
drive 5: 1110 (ID14?)
drive 6 (far right drive): 1000 (ID8?)

I have tried moving the drives around in hopes that a termination issue 
might be resolved by doing so, but did not have any luck.

     I apologize for the long post and for my ignorance.  If anyone can 
point me in the right direction to get this beast working I'll be very 


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