[SunHELP] A3500/RM 6.22 problem deleting LUN

David Froman dfroman at cray-powered.org
Sat Apr 1 17:00:24 CST 2006

Setup is:
Server: 220R

OS: Solaris 9

Raid Manager:

Controller: A3500
Product revision: 0301
Boot Level:
Firmware Level:

Drive Cabinets: 3x D1000 (8 bay)
Drives:  24x Seagate ST173404LCV

I installed Solaris 9 (full except for OEM) from the current available 
download from Sun.  Then installed Raid Manager, likewise the current 
available download from Sun.

The array was initially configured with 18 ST173404LCV drives.  I was able 
to install the drives, add them to a group and create LUN1 using them 17 of 
drives plus the 18th as a hot spare with no problems.

I just received 6 more drives and wanted to recreate LUN1 using 23 + 1 
spare.  The problem is, whenever I try to delete LUN1 I receive an error 
saying that LUN1 cannot be deleted due to it being mounted or in use or 
being modified or being restructured.  I have not mounted the LUN and there 
is no drive activity so I don't believe it is in use or is being 
restructured or modified.

I also attemted to reset the controller but again received the same error.

Before going through the pain of pulling the a3500 out of the rack and 
replacing it with a spare I wonder if anyone out there has seen this type of 
problem and knows a way to force the A3500 to delete the LUN.

I switched back to Solaris 9 due to the warnings about Solaris 10 not 
supporting RM.  Funny thing is, I've been running RM on my S10 server for 
over 6 months and haven't had a problem doing anything with it.


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