[SunHELP] nwadmin/nsr problem

James, Denise denise.james at fldoe.org
Mon Sep 26 08:28:45 CDT 2005

Error messages:

First check: 0 available tape(s)

      Volume      Pool  Recycle

After inventory: 0 available tape(s)

      Volume      Pool  Recycle

Label tapes

After labeling: 0 available tape(s)

      Volume      Pool  Recycle

Not enough tapes available

****************There are 8 tapes and 1 cleaning tape available.  Still
not recognizing that the tapes are in the autoloader.

How problem has been worked on so far:

NWADMIN would not label any tapes or mount tapes on yesterday.  It kept
seeing the same tapes even though the tapes had been removed and new
ones added.  I called Sun and opened a case on the autoloader.  They
made sure the autoloader device was working properly and then went on to
investigate nwadmin.

When Julian tried to label or mount a tape, he kept getting bad file

The tech had me issue mt status and jbconfig commands.

1.  mt status -f /dev/rmt/0

/dev/rmt/0n: no tape loaded or drive offline

2.  nsrjb: SJI driver not loaded!!! See installation instructions.

nsrjb: SYSTEM error: Bad file number

3.  He then instructed me to run jbconfig (had to mv
/opt/nsr/res/nsrjb.res to /opt/nsr/res/nsrjb.res.09222005)

4.  [fcat/opt/nsr/res] jbconfig^M^M

         1) Install a SmartMedia Jukebox.^M

         2) Install an Autodetected SCSI Jukebox.^M

         3) Install an Autodetected NDMP SCSI Jukebox.^M

         4) Install an SJI Jukebox.^M

         5) Install an STL Silo.^M


What kind of Jukebox are you installing? [1] 2^M

These are the SCSI Jukeboxes currently attached to your system:^M

  1) scsidev at 1.6.0: Standard SCSI Jukebox, Vendor <TOSHIBA>, Product
<DVD-ROM SD-M1401>^M

  2) scsidev at 3.0.0: Standard SCSI Jukebox, Vendor <HP>, Product

Which one do you want to install? 2^M

Installing an 'Standard SCSI Jukebox' jukebox.^M

Name you would like to assign to the jukebox device? fcat^M

A brief description of the jukebox device? [scsidev at 3.0.0: Standard SCSI
Jukebox] ^M

Pathname of the control port for the jukebox device? [scsidev at 3.0.0] ^M

Do you want automated device cleaning support enabled? (yes/no) no^M


Enter hostname that owns media drive 1: ? [fcat] ^M


An example of a valid device name for this OS is '/dev/rmt/1cbn'^M

Enter pathname of media drive 1: ? /^H ^H/dev/rmt/0cbn^M

using '/dev/rmt/0cbn' as device name^M

Should the drive be configured as a NDMP device? (yes/no) no^M

Your jukebox has a bar code reader. ^M

Do you want bar code reader support enabled? (yes/no) yes^M

Do you want volume labels to match bar code labels? (yes/no) yes^M


Jukebox has been added successfully^M

5.  Julian had me go through and clean, label and mount a tape.

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