[SunHELP] Mount Issue

Valery Yankin sosiski at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 03:02:40 CDT 2005

vijay kumar wrote:
> Hi friends,
> I am having one issue with a sun 440 server ie, after some 450
> mounts the machines starts failing mounts, by throwing error like,
> automountd[10506]: [ID 522941 daemon.error] mount : Couldn't bind to reserved
> port
> Is there any way to increase the number of mounts, in solaris by
> changing parameters in system configuration file..
> thanks
> regards
> vijay

I don't know whether this addresses your issue, but still


      *nfs mount: Couldn't bind to reserved port*

    /Cause /This message appears when a client attempts to NFS mount a
    filesystem from a server that has more than one Ethernet interface
    configured on the same physical subnet.

    /Action /Always connect multiple Ethernet interfaces on one router
    system to different physical subnetworks.

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