[SunHELP] SUN v880 and IBM FASTT 700 SAN

Michael Horton Michael.Horton at acntv.com
Wed Sep 21 09:28:47 CDT 2005

Please accept my apology.

I responded to the wrong mailing list and the wrong person--it was 
totally my error.

concerning the sunhelp mailing list question.

we use sun fibre cards in our sun sparc servers and have never had 
problems connecting to non-sun sans.  both brocade and ibm will have a 
matrix.  essentially, we have found that if the sun fibre card will talk 
to the fibre switch and the switch will talk to the ibm san, we have no 

Again, please accept my apology for my precious incorrect posting.

Michael Horton wrote:
> please read the sunmanagers' faq!
> the sunmanagers' faq governs the use of the sunmanagers' mailing list.
> the "read before posting" document also is used to govern the use of the 
> sunmanagers' mailing list.
> you received both of these documents when you joined the list and 
> periodically since joining.
> you should contat sun, brocade, and ibm for this question.
> your question is inappropriate for the sunmangers' mailing list.
> Irfan Baloch wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>I want to connect V880 to IBM FASTT 700 SAN, we are using Brocade F16 SAN
>>Switch . Could you please suggest compatible Fibre card?
>>Thanks for help.
>>Irfan Baloch
>>Systems Analyst (IT)
>>Zayed University,
>>Dubai, United Arab Emirates
>>irfan_baloch at zu.ac.ae
>>Phone: +9714 2082384
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