[SunHELP] Connecting Sunfire V240 to Raritan Paragon I

Steve Haavik shaavik at soc.lib.md.us
Thu Sep 15 08:47:21 CDT 2005

> [James, Denise] The point is that I want this server connected to the
> Raritan!!!!!  Let me know what you find out after connecting your
> SunBlade please.

Ok, I just checked the SunBlade100. After giving it a "setenv
output-device screen:r1024x768x70" at the openboot prompt and rebooting,
I've got it working. Keyboard, mouse, and video. This is a Paragon2 (just
upgraded the firmware this morning), a P2-SUSB, and a P2-UST with a PS2
mouse and keyboard and an LCD monitor. Just to see what happens I'll try
to do a fresh install and see if the mouse works during the install (that
was the problem I was having before.) If that works, I've got a spare V240
I can try it on again. I'll also do a full install with a local keyboard
and mouse and see if I can switch it to the KVM after.

I don't think I've got any USB adaptors for the old Paragon 1 (we still
have a couple boxes with the first 2 hardware revisions around here
somewhere) so I can't test that. I was going to look this up on SunSolve
again but it appears that my supervisor hasn't added me back onto the
contract again (it usually gets fixed just before the contract expires so
I get about a week of access before I have to ask him to fix it again.)

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