[SunHELP] Connecting Sunfire V240 to Raritan Paragon I

James, Denise denise.james at fldoe.org
Thu Sep 15 07:16:02 CDT 2005

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On Wed, 14 Sep 2005, James, Denise wrote:

> So if it's never worked, how have you accessed the server at the

> console?

Serial console or keyboard and video only. It's usually good enough for

crash recovery.

[James, Denise] Understood :-)

> We were trying to get the mouse, keyboard and monitor off of this

> since all of the other Sun servers are on the Raritan.  This is not

> news :-(

Yeah, same here.

> Question:  Did you try adding power to the USKVMC?  They are sending

> a power adapter for the USKVMC.

We use the P2CIM-SUSB to connect the USB machines to our Paragon2. I

we used the USKVMC with the older servers (that's the non-USB one with

pass-through connectors right?)

[James, Denise] Yes...The USKVMC came with the VGA to 13W3 converter.

and never had any problems with them at all (never had to use a power
adapter.) As near as I can tell, the only

problem I've had with the USB CIMs is that I haven't been able to get

servers (V240 and V880) to use it as a mouse.

[James, Denise] Did you talk to Raritan about this?  Did they offer any

I've only played with it on

machines that need a fresh install of Solaris so I don't know if simply

installing it with a local mouse, keyboard and monitor and then

to the KVM would work.

[James, Denise] That's pretty much what happened here.  This is a new
server and I just moved it from its local mouse, keyboard and monitor
and switched it over to the Raritan.  I did not do a boot
reconfigure...you think that would have anything to do with the problem?
I called Sun yesterday and they had me to run some fbconfig commands and
the server sends back the following...but it wouldn't show the EDID
Data.  The Sun technician said ...

>>Since the card is hooked into a KVM switch, rather than a monitor, the

>>resolution that the monitor can support is not being picked up.  This

>>the EDID data not found you are seeing.  To fix that, you would need

>>hook up the card directly to the monitor, then do a reconfigure boot.

[James, Denise] The point is that I want this server connected to the
Raritan!!!!!  Let me know what you find out after connecting your
SunBlade please.

# fbconfig -prconf

--- Hardware Configuration for /dev/fb ---

Type: XVR-100

ASIC: version 0x5159            REV: version 0x3000000

PROM: version 2.3

Monitor/Resolution Information:

Monitor A:

        EDID Data: Not Available

        Current resolution setting: 1152x900x66

        Current depth: 24

Monitor B:

        EDID Data: Not Available

        Current resolution setting: 1152x900x66

        Current depth: 8

Depth Information:

        Possible depths: 8, 24

I did read that SUN servers don't like mice

connected to hubs (which I've heard the Paragon setup will look like)

they boot. I haven't tried it with a Sun Blade 100, so maybe I'll play

with it some more today.


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