[SunHELP] Connecting Sunfire V240 to Raritan Paragon I

Steve Haavik shaavik at soc.lib.md.us
Thu Sep 15 06:57:32 CDT 2005

Looking back at your original problem, if you had the mouse working at
all, you're in better shape than me. Almost every time I've had "erratic
mouse"  problems it's been too long cable runs and in one case I think it
was a floating ground. The userstation works fine in the computer room on
a 50 foot cat6 cable but when I plugged it in at my desk and used the same
cat6 cable it wouldn't work. Turned out to be a problem with my UPS. I
plugged the userstation into the wall and it works now. What I was getting
was erratic mouse and sometimes the keyboard would be so erratic I
couldn't login to the paragon. Firmware upgrades helped a little. One of
my co-workers has been trying to get a userstation to work at his desk,
but it's atleast 50 feet farther from the computer room and he's never
gotten it to work. The aggravating thing about this is that we never had
these problem when we had a Paragon 1 in the old computer room. I know for
a fact that the cable runs were longer and went through a couple patch
panels. Here we can't even get a direct 100 foot cable to work. And you
REALLY don't want to talk to me about the FiberReach garbage he bought.

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