[SunHELP] Off Topic - Cray EL98 - Winchester drive problems

David Froman dfroman at cray-powered.org
Wed Sep 14 18:07:33 CDT 2005

This is a bit off base but I've checked with the Cray sources already.  I have
an EL98 with a bum IOS Winchester Drive.  The original drive was a Seagate
ST1239N, which passed away immediately after the first backup I ran.  Luckily
the backup is whole.

My first problem is - I can not locate a ST1239N.  If anyone has one up for
sale, I would sure appreciate a note.

Second problem - Since I don't have original type I've been gathering quite a
collection 300M-1G SCSI drives.  All will format with the 'mkfs c:' command,
but will then fail to mount.  The exact sequence and errors are:

BOOT>'mkfs c:'

##completes but then shows the following:

disk buffer 'cache1:' mounted
wd0a: mount FAILED: err 725

###I do the VME and CPU resets and receive:

Master IOS: IOP Serial Number 2485

'C:' mount FAILED: err 78c
unable to make 'C:' system device error 712

Winchester disk 1 drive(s) found

Since the drive is recognized at some poing I'm pretty certain that the SCSI
channels are physically good.

My question for anyone out there who may have a copy for some EL98 manuals
is... What are the 712, 725 and 78c error codes?  Are my drives just too big?
Or do they refer to some configuration that I have managed to bork.

Any, quite literally any guidance.. foggy rememberances... just plain wild
guesses would be most welcome.

Also, if anyone would happend to have a jumper reference for a Maxtor 7290SR
that they could share.  That's a 290Meg drive that seems to be jumpered to
read only and will not format.


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