[SunHELP] Setting up v480 term console.

viet nguyen viet_nguyen14 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 14 10:02:45 CDT 2005

Hi all,
We just bought sunfire v480 , I am trying to get to OK prompt , connected to RJ45 cable. I can see the system boot up and boot screens were displayed.I can not  Ctrl+Pause.break to get to  OK prompt , but nothing shows up and it just sits there. Can't input anything. Only thing I'm able to do is a manual reset. 

I think I know which of the OpenBoot Variables I missed, however, I can't get back to the OK prompt to change it. 
So, does anyone by chance know of a way I might be able to get to the OK prompt?
Or of a way to reset all the OpenBoot variables to their defaults? Maybe a jumper to remove and replace? I'd rather not take the battery out (or something similar) to clear the memory like you would the BIOS of a PC. 
Any ideas are much appreciated,


Viet Nguyen

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