[SunHELP] slow ftp

Tim Gallagher timg98376 at comcast.net
Sun Sep 11 14:26:09 CDT 2005

Possibly asymmetric routing, but the differences seem a bit dramatic for
that. Try a traceroute from both hosts to see if that is the case.

Can we assume you are using the same interface for a put and a get?

-- tg

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Hi All,

Did any body have this problem (ftp client is much slower when receiving
than when sending)? I am getting a very slow connection when I am trying to
get data from other hosts while I can put data much faster.

619831296 bytes sent in 73 seconds (8330.33 Kbytes/s)

5233796 bytes received in 73 seconds (70.24 Kbytes/s)

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