[SunHELP] DNS reverse lookups

Tim Gallagher timg98376 at comcast.net
Tue Sep 6 23:12:32 CDT 2005

What are the results if you use nslookup in debug mode?

If the mail server is a recent addition to the file, you did of course
increment the serial number and HUP the daemon, correct?

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I wonder if anyone can help me.

I can't seem to do reverse lookups on my mail server.

I think the reverse file is correct but I am guessing something is wrong.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Below is the file:
; /var/named/rev.213.128.229
$TTL 1D   ; Default TTL in secs(1 day)

@       IN SOA ns.accesscomputing.co.uk. hostmaster.accesscomputing.co.uk. (
         2005090201      ; Serial number yyyymmddvv
         10800   ; Refresh  (3, was 8 hours)
         3600    ; Retry (1, was 2 hours)
         604800  ; Expire (7 days)
         86400   ; Minimum

; Descriptions of name servers for this domain
         IN      NS      ns.accesscomputing.co.uk.

; Addresses point to canonical names
; IN NS ns.accesscomputing.co.uk. IN PTR mailhost.accesscomputing.co.uk.
177 IN PTR ns.accesscomputing.co.uk.
177 IN PTR accesscomputing.co.uk.
179 IN PTR mailhost.accesscomputing.co.uk.
177 IN PTR calhost.accesscomputing.co.uk.
180 IN PTR www.accesscomputing.co.uk.
181 IN PTR www.thalamus.co.uk.
181 IN PTR www.gingiber.com.


Many thanks


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