[SunHELP] Xsun without mouse and keyboard?

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sat Sep 3 16:51:15 CDT 2005

Chris Anderson wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-09-03 at 20:57 +0400, Valeriy Yankin wrote:
>>Dear subscribers,
>>I am a Solaris newbie, and I have a question on my recently Solaris 9
>>12/02 x86. How do I run the graphics without a mouse and keyboard? I
>>mean how to start Xsun if I have no peripherals? It is necessary
>>because in the corner there my server resides there is no room for a
>>keyboard, and as for the mouse, I don't have a spare one. I plan to
>>display CDE on a Windows PC with Exceed.
> You can't run Xsun.  You can run a window manager / session manager on
> the Sun which manages the X display on the PC.  I've never done this
> with CDE + Exceed, but I have done this with KDE, GNOME + Cygwin.  With
> Cygwin on the PC, run xinit.  That will give you a display which can be
> managed by the Sun.  On the PC, use xhost +<sun-address> or xauth to
> allow X clients to access your PC's X server.  Telnet/ssh to the Sun,
> use the DISPLAY=<pc-address>:0.0 env var to use the display on the PC,
> then run "kdestart" or "gnome-session" or whatever is used to start a
> CDE session.  For example, this command: "DISPLAY=
> kdestart"

IIRC with Exceed it is even a little simpler. I think I used to run xdm 
on the Sun (or linux box) and connect with Exceed. Exceed takes care of 
the details. It'll also let you choose a full desktop (in which case you 
get whatever you would if you were on the machine) or just apps (which 
behaves like exporting the display and running an X app).

I think Exceed can behave like Xnest if that helps the explanation.


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