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Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Fri Sep 2 23:59:32 CDT 2005

The note below is from Don West, my former boss and head network admin at 
OnRamp Access in Austin, Texas (they're the ISP that hosts SunHELP).  

If anybody can help him in any way, please give him a shout ASAP.


----- Forwarded message from Don West <donwest at onr.com> -----

Perhaps you can get the word out.

 I am part of a team that is to be deployed to the disaster site
sometime in the next 48 - 72 hours. We will be establishing a
communications infrastructure for the relief efforts. Specifically we
will be building a wireless infrastructure. If you have equipment,
personnel or supplies that you would like to donate to this effort, I
will transport these items with me when I leave. Feel free to call me or
forward this to any vendors you might know.

Full details available online at:


Don West...Network Administrator...Onramp Access, Inc.
888-667-2660 Texas Toll Free       3012 Montopolis Dr. 
512-457-9000 x321 voice            Suite 300 
512-476-2878 fax                   Austin, TX. 78741 
512-350-8494 cell
Skype me at onrampaccess
donwest at onr.com

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Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 6:56 PM
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Subject: [Emergency-Relief] ATTENTION y'all, *VENDOR* data needed

I'm putting together lists of people and companies who have offered
help, equipment, or other resources.

- If you represent a VENDOR that can supply a lot of something, please
reply to this message to the list. *Do not change the subject line.*

- If you are a Part-15 list member who KNOWS a vendor, send the same set
of information, and we will contact them. Include your own full name,

Here is what we need to know.

Company name
Product(s) to be donated or loaned
Purpose or use
Contact name
Contact phone, 24-hour MUCH PREFERRED
Contact email
If someone will be coming with the stuff to help install, their name and
contact info as well.
How you plan to ship
Anything else relevant - such as required software or other items to
make your stuff work with the rest of the world.

Thank you.

Claudia Crowley
Project coordinator
Part-15 Katrina relief
For more information on PART-15.ORGs Disaster Relief Efforts, please see
Register your services in our FREE WISP Locator

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Bill Bradford 
K5WCB Houston, TX

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