[SunHELP] FS/FT: E450 (Houston)

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Fri Sep 2 10:36:56 CDT 2005

I've got an E450 showing up in the next few days, and I just don't have the
space nor the money to run it at home 24/7.  

Anybody in the Houston area (or near, and willing to come pick it up) 
interested in an E450?  Unfortunately, shipping is impossible given my
vehicle situation right now, and shipping would probably cost more than
the worth of the machine.

- Quad 300Mhz CPUs
- 1G RAM
- Dual 18G disks
- Dual power supplies

If so, email me off-list and we can haggle on price (I'm very reasonable;
I need this out of my way but dont want to *give* it away..).  Alternately,
I'll consider trades for ham radio equipment.


Bill Bradford 
K5WCB Houston, TX

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