[SunHELP] Sun Ultra 2's, 300Mhz CPU's (#501-4849)

Ryan Loiselle sun-help at azonicnet.com
Wed Oct 26 14:50:12 CDT 2005

Hello all..

Last winter I purchased 4x Sun Ultra 2's with single 200Mhz CPU's in each
( CPU #501-4791), I have since removed the CPU's from 2 of the machines,
and installed them on the other 2 Chassies (leaving me with 2x Ultra 2's
with dual 200Mhz, 2x Ultra 2's with no CPU's). The two working machines
are not of relevence beyoned this point, but the 2 chassies with no CPU's
are where my questions lie.

I have found a location that I can obtain 4x 300Mhz CPU's (#501-4849) in
order to begin using these empty chassie's and put them into production.

What are the mainbord part # / revision requirements for installing these
dual 300's into these machines. The only documentation I can find gives me
a part number if upgrading to 400Mhz CPU's (Sun Ultra 2 UltraSPARC-II
Module Upgrade PDF). There is also some info on:

http://sunsolve.sun.com/handbook_pub/Systems/U2/components.h tml

Under the Mainboard section @ the bottom:

Part # - Description
501-3132 - 200/300/400MHz
501-2487 - 200MHz (pre-FCS)

I am assuming that this last bit of information would be my guide, but I
just wanted to verify my findings befor I go out and spend a bunch of cash
on CPU's...


Ryan Loiselle
ryan.loiselle at azonicnet.com

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