[SunHELP] Solstice X.25 9.2 Link status: LAPB Link 0 is in state ADM

Rafael Roldán rafael.roldan at panel.es
Mon Oct 24 08:54:14 CDT 2005

Hy all,

I have a problem when I am trying to start the x.25 network.

I have a temporary license, so I have to install a new valid license file each
month. It has always worked fine until now. This last time, when I pulled down
the Network Menu (of the x25tool) and clicked on Start X.25, I checked that
the link status (using linkstate application) was in the following state
(instead of the NORMAL state):

Mon Oct 24 09:52:28 2005: LAPB Link 0 is in state ADM

Do you know what should be the problem? How can I resolve it?

Thank you very much

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