[SunHELP] annoyances with Companion CD man pages

Matthew Weigel unique at idempot.net
Mon Oct 17 16:38:16 CDT 2005

I've posed this question elsewhere, but SunHelp is probably the right
forum for useful answers... ;-)

I noticed recently that the man pages for a lot of 'extra' software
included with Solaris 10 (both on and off the companion CD) has an
annoying disconnect.  The binaries and manual files themselves have been
renamed (e.g., gupdatedb instead of updatedb), but the content of the
pages themselves has not been updated to reflect this change.

This causes a couple of problems that motivate me to want to fix it: the
windex files (used by apropos and whatis) report the incorrect name in the
body of the file rather than the file name (so, for instance, "apropos
updatedb" returns a hit for updatedb but in order to read the page you
have to use the real name, "man gupdatedb"), and it makes the linked
manual generated by man.cgi or man2html completely useless on the wrong

For some cases, there are legitimate name collisions (Sun 'tar' vs. GNU
'tar'), but in others (like the aforementioned locate/updatedb) there

Any opinions on how to fix this?  I'm dealing with a system that's already
up and running, so I'm not really interested in "use Blastwave" unless
there's some real, tangible benefit beyond fixing the man pages.
 Matthew Weigel
 unique at idempot.net

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