[SunHELP] Raritan Paragon KVM mouse stops working after installing patch 115553-[11-15].

James, Denise denise.james at fldoe.org
Mon Oct 17 08:57:27 CDT 2005

The following document explains why I've been having the problem with
getting the SunFire V240 connected to the Raritan Paragon I.  The UUSBPD
is the part that I started out with, but my server had already been
patched so I was not able to view the monitor.  Then I called Raritan
and asked what parts do I need to connect to the Paragon with if I have
a server with USB ports.  I was even told by Raritan that the UUSBPD was
obsolete and to discard the part.  Needless to say I did discard it ...
but I went back into the server room and dug it up.  I'm glad I did.  A
Raritan engineer was onsite yesterday and we went through all of the
scenarios that I'd tested and he was able to duplicate the problem.  The
last thing he inquired about was changing mouse settings which I called
Sun about because I didn't have access to the CDE and I wanted to know
if there was a command that could be given to change/show mouse settings
from command line.  That is when this article was found below.  I've
been on this problem for weeks.

Raritan indicated that they could not duplicate my problem ... since
they were not patched to the level I was patched to 115553-19...that is
why their server didn't break in the lab.

I've backed the patch off and used the UUSBPD as indicated below and all
is well for now.  I'll await a fix for this so I don't have to be
concerned about installing a patch cluster and having to back out the
patches that may cause a problem.

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Raritan Paragon KVM mouse stops working after installing patch

Update Date:

Tue May 10 00:00:00 MDT 2005


 Solaris 9 9/04 Operating System,  Third-Party Products,  Sun Fire V120
Server,  Sun Fire V210 Server,  Sun Fire V240 Server,  Sun Fire V480

Technical Areas:

 USB (Universal Serial Bus) Port,  Mouse



Keyword(s):usb, Raritan, Paragon, kvm, switch, mouse, patch, buttons

Problem Statement:

After installing USB Framework patch 115553-[ 11-15 ] the mouse stops
working on
some server models (Sun Fire[TM] V120,V240,V210,V480) connected to a
Paragon KVM switches.

No mouse movement while in CDE and mouse buttons are not functioning.


This is a known problem.

Reference Bug ID: 6183798

Synopsis: Patch 115553-13
cid:1-21-115553-13-1>  makes usb mouse inoperable with Raritan Paragon

The only known fix is a Raritan one.

If the customer's Paragon KVM is using the newer Paragon II Computer
Module (USKVMPY-OD) it needs to be replaced with the older Raritan
Paragon I
Computer Interface Module (UUSBPD).
Customer can contact Raritan or the URL below.


Temporary Workaround:

Bypass KVM switch. Ie. Plug mouse directly into usb port on SUN machine.
Alternative, backout to or install patch 115553-06
cid:1-21-115553-06-1> .

Additional Information:

Patch does not affect Sun Enterprise[TM] 420R.

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