[SunHELP] Boot device problem

aalinaser at cox.net aalinaser at cox.net
Tue Nov 1 10:31:42 CST 2005

Hello all,

before posting this I have tried all the resources.

I created a root mirror of root disk on a second disk which is exactly the same as root disk.

I wanted to test this to see if the sytem can boot from the second disk.

here is what I did

We do not have a console sever where I can copy and paste the "printenv", unfortunately. 
Here is the detail of what I have done and what I see.

OK> nvalias disk1 /pci at 9,60000/SUNW,qlc at 2/fp0,0/ssd at w50000e010820911,0:a,raw



but when I issue the command  "boot" it comes back and say this
Boot device: disk1  File and args:
Can't locate boot device

The probescsi shows this

/pci at 9,60000/SUNW,qlc at 2
LiD  HA  LUN     PORT WWN              Model
0      0     0  500000e0107ff8f1   FUJITSU---------
1      1     0  500000e010820911   FUJITSU---------

Any pointers will be appreciated. How do I revert back to the original disk?


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