[SunHELP] Performance Issues

vinod kumar pissey vinod.pissey at hal.hitachi.com
Mon May 30 23:41:32 CDT 2005



I have some questions on how to increase the performance of my backup

I have a E280R running Master Netbackup Server 5.1 .

Attached to this is a L500 Library. The 280R is configured with eri0
100MBPS/Full Duplex.

But there seems to be some network issues with this server. Backups are
running very slow even though the Netbackup has been tuned to the maximum.
Even on the switch port it is 100MB/Full Duplex.


I was looking out for IP Multipathing but that seems to be load balancing
for outbound traffic which is not the scenario in our environment.

Could someone please suggest any alternate for this on how to improve
inbound traffic or performance of the network card.





Vinod Kumar Pissey

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