[SunHELP] libiconv.so.2

Marc Belanger bru1n at comcast.net
Fri May 27 20:42:34 CDT 2005

My experience with default installs is that crle only knows about 
/usr/lib. When I add a new box to nagios|plugins, I usually only have to 
add /usr/local/lib for libiconv.

The plugins on Solaris 8|9|10 DO NOT WORK with /usr/lib first in the 
library path order, for me at least. That is with a vanilla SUNWxcall 

I always have to use; crle -l /usr/local/lib:/usr/lib; after installing 
the plugins on target boxes with gcc and libiconv from precompiled binaries.

I will reinforce the statement that having an extra root shell open when 
changing global environment things|stuff has saved my ass more than 
once. Also note that *.bak or *.YYMMDD is a great idea, in general.

Matthew Weigel wrote:
> On 26 May, 2005, at 10:11 PM, Steve Sandau wrote:
>>I have not (so far!) had problems using crle as long as I check the
>>current path before I play with it. I think I recall that deleting
>>/var/ld/ld.config will put things back to normal, too, though.
> Yep.  Just make sure you have a root shell open, because if ld.config
> is broken enough you can not start a privileged process that doesn't
> use it, and you need privilege to delete it.

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