[SunHELP] Imap, Pop3 & Sun Directory Server

David Strom dstrom at ciesin.columbia.edu
Fri May 27 09:36:31 CDT 2005

Maybe someone on this list has experience with this:

We're replacing NIS with LDAP (finally), and we hit a snag with email. 
We have licensed & gotten support for Sun's Directory Server (v5.2 patch 
2)and we have a number of Solaris 9 systems.  The Sol9 native LDAP and 
automounts works fine, I'm using proxy/simple authentication (proxyagent 
  -fairly vanilla Directory Server config) with an updated pam.conf for 
LDAP (so we don't expose the crypted passwords, at least no so much). 
Works fine -- ran the Sun idsconfig script to prep the directory for NIS 
type info, & have imported users, groups, aliases, etc. Again, all OK.

Now the problem -- we tested a cutover to a new mail server with Solaris 
9, using native LDAP config & couldn't get Imap authentication to work 
-Solaris native LDAP logins on the mail server worked fine-.   Aside: 
also had sendmail problems with aliases in LDAP, but that came from 
trying to use an older version of sendmail, so we should be able to fix 
that.  But we need an imapd & pop3d to support "native LDAP" 
authentication.  Didn't do too much in the testing, tried the imapd that 
ships on the Solaris 9 (04/04) Companion CD, but that didn't work. 
Called on our Sun Directory Server support, but they don't support imapd 
in any way & didn't offer any concrete suggestion (they were nice about 
it, wanted to help but didn't have anything).  Didn't find anything on 
Sunsolve, nor did Google turn up anything (made a couple of passes).

So, does anyone have experience with Sun's LDAP & imapd/pop3d?  Any 
pre-built Solaris binaries that you're aware of?  Recommendations of 
imapd & pop3d implementations that compile easily & work in the Solaris 
  9/Directory Server environment?  (BTW, we have Sun boxes -- UltraSparc 
II, III, & IIIi, not X86, and no Linux, but a couple of Win2003 servers 
& WinXP clients).

Thanks, hope this wasn't too long.
David Strom

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