[SunHELP] libiconv.so.2

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Thu May 26 22:11:53 CDT 2005

Matthew Weigel wrote:
> Steve Sandau said:
>>I usually use crle so that all programs will find the libraries I use.
> You aren't playing with fire by having two versions of Perl, and from the
> sound of it, two versions with different libraries.  In his particular
> situation, per-binary runpaths *might* be the way to go.
> (then again, as I mention, crle is playing with fire too :-)

The bit about two versions of perl may be true here. I know that there 
are problems installing a second version of perl on a Solaris box. I 
usually do not need a specific version enough to install a second one. 
Please do take my advice as being from a one-perl-version guy.

Having different versions of libraries that different programs need to 
find certainly is playing with fire. I try to avoid that. ;-)

I have not (so far!) had problems using crle as long as I check the 
current path before I play with it. I think I recall that deleting 
/var/ld/ld.config will put things back to normal, too, though.


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