[SunHELP] libiconv.so.2

Clif Smith sunhelp at cjs226.com
Thu May 26 11:29:47 CDT 2005

So, there's no way I can compile perl so it knows where the library is 
itself vs. telling users to set this and/or me setting it in 
/etc/profile, etc.?

RE: Side Note: I compiled and placed it there as I'm supporting a number 
of applications and some need perl v5.8 and one old one needs v5.6.1.

Marc Belanger wrote:

>In /.profile
>Side note: Thats a wierd place for perl to land from *-local @ 
>Clif Smith wrote:
>>I've installed libiconv-1.8-sol7-sparc-local and 
>>gcc-3.4.2-sol7-sparc-local from sunfreeware on an old Solaris7 system we 
>>have that can't be upgraded.  My problem is when I try to run perl 
>>v5.6.1 which I compiled using the gcc I downloaded.  Unless I set 
>>LD_LIBRARY_PATH, I always get:
>>ld.so.1: /usr/local/perl/perl-5.6.1/bin/perl: fatal: libiconv.so.2: open 
>>failed: No such file or directory
>>How can I get past this without having to always set LD_LIBRARY_PATH?
>>Thanks, Clif
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