[SunHELP] Netra X1 serial access

abbey abhishake00 at yahoo.com
Wed May 25 19:37:53 CDT 2005

Hello everyone, 
I am trying to access a netra x1 via the lom serial
port (port A) or portB.  i have a straight cat5 cable
attached to a RJ45 to DB9 convertor.  The pin out is:

 rj45          db9
1(blue)       8
2(orange)   6
3(black)      2
4(red)         5
5(green)     5
6(yellow)    3
7(brown)    4
8(white)     7

i'm using zterm on my mac.  i am able to connect to my
sparcstation20 with the same cable, so i've weeded out
that the cable is faulty.  I tried switching pins 2
and 3 but that didn't help.  i tried it with and
without  the ground, but no luck there either.  i am
doing something fundamentally wrong.  the only thing
that could be wrong is the pinout.  can someone please
point me in the right direction.  I tried the pinout
on this site but that didnt' work


thank you very much,

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