[SunHELP] KVM switches using usb monitor and keyboard

Steve Haavik shaavik at soc.lib.md.us
Mon May 16 06:52:29 CDT 2005

On Fri, 13 May 2005, Grindell, Joan M. wrote:

> 	I'm hoping that someone uses KVM switches a Sun server that has a
> USB keyboard and mouse.

We are using the Raritan Paragon 2 (P2-UMT1664M with P2CIM-SUSB) here for
our Sun boxes. The newer userstations (P2-UST) support Sun, PS2, and USB
keyboard, mouse, and video. I've got V880s and V240s plugged into ours.

The biggest problem I ran into was finding the note (in the docs for a
different product) on the command to use to force the server into a usable
screen mode.

setenv output-device screen:r1024x768x70

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