[SunHELP] Sun Ultra 2 Creator3D problems!

Ryan Loiselle sun-help at azonicnet.com
Fri May 13 13:52:59 CDT 2005

Hello all,

I recently purchased 4 Sun Ultra 2' to replace 3 Ultra 1's and 2 Sparc 5's
that I had kicking around doing some randome stuff.  Upon recieving the
Ultra 2's I found that the NVRAM passwords had been set, and the machine
rendered virtually usless. (Acording to everything that I have read,
correct me if I am wrong)

I have since purchased 4 new NVRAM's and installed them (following the
instructions listed in the Ultra 2 Service Manual).  All machines
have 256MB of ram, and 2x 200Mhz CPU's with 1mb on board cache. I have
ensured that jumpers J2104 and J2105 are on pins 1+2 in order to set the
serial interfaces to RS232.I have an 18.2 GB drive in the front slot (ID 1).

Now the problem is that when connected via a Serial null modem cable from
either the TTYA or TTYB interface on the Ultra 2 to a Serial port on my PC
@ work or @ home, the only output recieved is a singal Garbage character
when initially turning the power on to the machine. I have tried using
Hypertermial, and SecureCRT to establish this conection.  Everything on
the Windows end is set to 9600,8,n,1...

Does anyone have anything else I might be able to try  / test befor I
write this off as a huge waste of money?

Ryan Loiselle

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