[SunHELP] sar+ how to find package dependancies

Marc Belanger bru1n at comcast.net
Tue May 10 17:23:29 CDT 2005


I am looking to find the sar packages for Solaris 7. I have 1 box with 
very limted disk space that I inhereted, and I assume thats why its not 

pkginfo does not seem to be very friendly to me, as I cannot find what 
packages I need. On a system that sar works on, I found SUNWaccr, and 

1) Are there other packages I need to track down? Of course, I'm 
assuming I can find these on sun.com|bigadmin.com unbundled from the 
install media.

Or better still...

2) How do I find a listing, or determine what "dependant", or "depends 
on" packages I need to install?
- This question isn't limited to sar, but any package not installed with 
- I do not see a "dependancy" option in pkgadd or pkginfo
- strings, ldd, and pkginfo -l did't readily show this
- Googling around gave me alternatives (like memtool, etc), error pages, 
and some security how-to's, but not the specific packages I want.

Thanks for taking time to read my question.

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