[SunHELP] Botched OBP ttya-mode setting on an Ultra 2

Olaf Mersmann olafm at kimberly.tako.de
Mon May 9 15:04:32 CDT 2005

Michael Horton wrote:
> man eeprom (in solaris 8 and above)

Sorry for not being clear about this in my first post. The machine is 
now powered down and has no OS on disk to auto-boot. Powering it up 
brings no response on the serial console. If there's no quick way to 
repair this, I might as well bite the bullet and get the machine out of 
the rack and connect a keyboard and mouse.

> Olaf Mersmann wrote:
>> I botched the setting of 'ttya-mode' (presumably set to '19600,8,n,1'
>> after a typo) on an Ultra 2. Is there anyway to get the setting restored
>> to a valid value without attaching a keyboard and booting with Stop-N?

-- Olaf

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