[SunHELP] Ultra 60 second hard drive

Olaf Mersmann olafm at kimberly.tako.de
Thu May 5 07:26:21 CDT 2005

James Fogg wrote:
> All SCSI busses must be terminated at each end. SCSI host adapters often
> terminate one end, but you must terminate the other end. Some drives
> have terminators built-in, on older disks it's a resistor pack you plug
> in or remove.

The U60 has an internal SCA backplane for the two scsi disks. AFAIK all 
SCA stuff is auto terminating.

> Check to make sure the drive in the middle of the bus isn't terminating
> (check manufacturers docs to find out how they do it) and make sure the
> disk on the end of the bus IS terminating. If the end disk doesn't have
> a built-in terminator you will need to add one to the SCSI cabling after
> the last disk on the bus.
> Also, check your disk SCSI ID number. You cannot duplicate SCSI ID's on
> a single bus.

Again, AFAIK, SCA deals with SCSI ID assignment.

-- Olaf

P.S: I've had similar problems with newer (U320 SCA) drives in my U2, 
but never investigated the issue.

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