[SunHELP] Ultra 60 second hard drive

James Fogg James at jdfogg.com
Thu May 5 07:23:30 CDT 2005

Please bottom-post - see bottom for my reply

> This is an internal  drive. Is there supposed to be an
> internal terminator on the motherboard somewhere or a jumper?
> Paul
> James Fogg wrote:
> >>We are trying to install a second 36gb 15K Cheetah hard
> drive to our
> >>U60 running Sol 9. I set up everything in the vsttab file OK but
> >>cannot find the drive when I bootup. When I run probe-scsi
> I get a bus
> >>error. Any ideas?
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Is your bus properly terminated?

All SCSI busses must be terminated at each end. SCSI host adapters often
terminate one end, but you must terminate the other end. Some drives
have terminators built-in, on older disks it's a resistor pack you plug
in or remove.

Check to make sure the drive in the middle of the bus isn't terminating
(check manufacturers docs to find out how they do it) and make sure the
disk on the end of the bus IS terminating. If the end disk doesn't have
a built-in terminator you will need to add one to the SCSI cabling after
the last disk on the bus.

Also, check your disk SCSI ID number. You cannot duplicate SCSI ID's on
a single bus.

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