[SunHELP] Fwd: SunOS 4.x boot disk layout

Dan Williams williams.dan at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 07:13:01 CST 2005

A friend asked this on another list can anyone here help ?

Does anyone happen to know the organisation of a SunOS 4.x hard drive?

Looking at the disklabel under Linux, I get the following:

| Disk /dev/sdb (Sun disk label): 15 heads, 131 sectors, 1701
|  cylinders Units = cylinders of 1965 * 512 bytes
|    Device Flag    Start       End    Blocks   Id  System
| /dev/sdb1             0        48     47160    0  Empty
| /dev/sdb2            48       152    102180    0  Empty
| /dev/sdb3             0      1701   1671232+   0  Empty
| /dev/sdb4           152       264    110040    0  Empty
| /dev/sdb7           264      1701   1411852+   0  Empty

(ignoring the 'empty' - think that must be a bug in Linux fdisk as I
know there's a valid OS on the disk)

Googling shows the first entry to be the root partition on such a drive,
second entry to be swap, third to be the whole disk entry, and the rest
to presumably be aux partitions...

However, obviously some space is taken up by the partition table itself,
so the first (root) partition can't start at block zero. What I'm trying
to find out is the offset that it does actually start at, so that I can
mount the root partition from Linux.

Hopefully someone knows, if not it's trial and error time... :-)


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