[SunHELP] StorEdge 3310 question

Ladislav Dobias Lada at Dobias.info
Sun Mar 27 00:27:57 CST 2005


On Tue, 1 Mar 2005, Tim Longo wrote:

> Wondering if anyone can explain how a StorEdge 3310 can be
> dual connected to two hosts via scsi cables?  I'm wondering
> if each host has control of different disk spaces, or can
> two hosts somehow share disk the disk space on the array?

I'm assuming you are talking about SE3310 JBOD - these are
de facto 2 independent SCSI bus. So both ways are possible:

- if you want two different disk spaces, connect each host
  to different bus, that's no problem,
- if you want two hosts to share disks, it is possible,
  but some preconditions must be met:
  - scsi-initiator-id (SCSI ID of host controller) should be
    different on each bus,
  - disks cannot be physically accessed from both hosts at
    once, only as "failover"; I'd recomend to use some
    software to take care of it, for example Sun Cluster
    (which is part of Java Enterprise System) - you can
    access the same disk _virtually_ from both nodes at
    once, but _physically_ it is mounted only on one node.

Lada Dobias

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