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Paul Walsh Paul.Walsh at uce.ac.uk
Sat Mar 5 11:30:20 CST 2005

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> Hi guys,
> I'm replacing a Linux box that fell prey to malicious
> activities (boo) at my co-lo with an Ultra 2 & Solaris 9
> (yay!).  The box's primary tasks were serving up named, http
> (apache + php + one of the nukes), and receiving mail (that
> was later POPped off by users).
> Are there any particular gotchas or recommendations that I
> should be aware of during the conversion?  My solaris
> experience isn't too great... should I use something other
> than stock named or sendmail?  Any pointers on hardening Solaris?

Try BIND 9.2.4 or 9.3.0, Apache 2.0.53 or 1.3.33, whichever version of
PHP you require and Exim 4.50 for email.  Building is usually
straightforward, so if you built them under Linux you'll be familiar

make install

If you're used to using RPMs on Linux you could try looking at
www.blastwave.org or www.sunfreeware.com for pre-built packages.  I
haven't any personal experience of blastwave but he ones from
sunfreeware can be unzipped then installed with pkgadd (and will install
in /usr/local )


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