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Patrick de Ruiter patrickr at nedstat.nl
Thu Mar 3 16:03:43 CST 2005

Hi Paul,

Looks like you need is a remote access server.

Cisco sels  the kind of things.

or you could build one your self, shouldnt be too hard

Paul Walsh wrote:

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>Good morning.
>I have a question I hope someone may be able to answer.
>We are looking for something that will give us the ability to log into
>the ok prompt of a remote server.  We will be moving some of our servers
>twenty miles a way and are looking to a method to log into the ok prompt
>after a boot (crash or intentional) and restart the computer without
>having to drive to the site.  It would also be helpful if the method was
>secure as well.
>Sounds like you need a KVM switch with IP access.  We use a Cyclades ACS
>for just such a thing - you connect the serial console port to the ACS
>and are able to access it over the network (access to port can be
>restricted to individual ids). An alternative (if PS/2 type
>keyboard/mouse connections and VGA video are used) is their KVM/Net
>switch.  See www.cyclades.com for info.  I have no connection with them
>other than as a satisfied customer.
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