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Good morning.

I have a question I hope someone may be able to answer.

We are looking for something that will give us the ability to log into
the ok prompt of a remote server.  We will be moving some of our servers
twenty miles a way and are looking to a method to log into the ok prompt
after a boot (crash or intentional) and restart the computer without
having to drive to the site.  It would also be helpful if the method was
secure as well.


Sounds like you need a KVM switch with IP access.  We use a Cyclades ACS
for just such a thing - you connect the serial console port to the ACS
and are able to access it over the network (access to port can be
restricted to individual ids). An alternative (if PS/2 type
keyboard/mouse connections and VGA video are used) is their KVM/Net
switch.  See www.cyclades.com for info.  I have no connection with them
other than as a satisfied customer.


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