[SunHELP] remote console

David Strom dstrom at ciesin.columbia.edu
Thu Mar 3 09:58:10 CST 2005

We're using the Digi CM Console server... comes in 16 or 32 ports, and
they use RJ45 connectors on the console server end... makes the Digi
nice & small & you can use Ethernet cables (good way to use your old Cat
3 cables lying around) or make flat satin RJ45-RJ45 cables.  The newer
Sun boxes we've gotten (V240, V440) have an RJ45 connector & there's no
special cable-making, just straight thru.  The Digi CMs are "break-safe"
too.  And, I like their menu setup, you don't have to hack the Linux
install to turn off Telnet and only allow SSH, for example.  We've used
one port with an external modem to provide dial-in access in case of
network problems, which you might want to consider.  Of course, you can
do this with other products, too, I'll bet.  HTH.
David Strom

In reply to:

>We are looking for something that will give us the ability to log into 
>the ok prompt of a remote server.  We will be moving some of our 
>servers twenty miles a way and are looking to a method to log into the 
>ok prompt  after a boot (crash or intentional) and restart the 
computer >without having to drive to the site.  It would also be helpful
if the >method was secure as well.

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