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George Munk MUNKG at iomega.com
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Steve, thanks for the reminder about break signals being generated. Take
a look at the kbd(1) command and /etc/default/kbd.
"KEYBOARD_ABORT=alternate" is your friend. If I remember correctly, this
has been available since Solaris 9 and has been added to Solaris 8 with
a patch.


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Joan -
Logical Solutions also makes a nice line of terminal
servers (basically embedded linux with ssh).  One of
the nice things is that they also take care of the
"random break" sun problem.  Cyclaides (sp?) may also.

If you use a PC with a multiport serial card, you can
use your choice of operating system (linux, winxp,
even dos).  You MUST be aware of the fact that there
can be spurious signals sent down the serial cable
that could inadvertantly take the sun box to the ok
prompt.  There are multiple ways around that problem,
so as long as you acknowledge the chance, and do all
the steps to minimize, then if you are
"budget-constrained" (ex-govt talk) then a old pc can
be re-utilized as a cheap term-serv alternative.  If
you'd like more info drop me a note off-line.


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