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We use a PC running Linux with extra serial ports. A serial port is
connected to the serial port console of each Sun system. The screen
utility is used to create a session which captures and retains any
activity on the console. Inside the screen session, kermit is used to
communicate across the serial connection. We use only SSH to connect to
the console server. If you want to buy a solution rather than build one,
there are serial port terminal servers that support connecting to them
using SSH. Cyclades is one vendor I am familiar with.


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Good morning.

I have a question I hope someone may be able to answer.

We are looking for something that will give us the ability to log into
ok prompt of a remote server.  We will be moving some of our servers
miles a way and are looking to a method to log into the ok prompt after
boot (crash or intentional) and restart the computer without having to
to the site.  It would also be helpful if the method was secure as well.

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