[SunHELP] x86 Solaris 9/10 on Laptop

david rana help_dev at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 1 04:56:44 CST 2005

Dear Experties.
Anybody tried installing Solaris 9 or 10 on Laptops model : Comapq Armada E500 , the configuration is P-III, 650 Mgz, 192 Mb RAM, 12 gb disk, Intel  10/100 mbps network card, 56kbps modem, USB port, integrated sound card,mic and speaker...
I tried installing both the versions of solaris on it. But it finds many devices with same IRQ settings. The error is as follows:
Warning: Can n't register interrupt for pciclass,0C0300 device at IPL 1 because it conflicts with other device using the same vector II with an IPL of 11. Reconfigure the conflicting device to use the different vectors.
I verified the HCL ( hardware compatibility list) from Sun, there i dont find this model of laptop.
Anybody installed any version of Solaris on this model laptop. Would be nice to have your suggestion and solutions on it. 
Looking for your feedbacks on it.
A good day to all and thanks in advance.

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